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All Coins are in the VCoins store!

Please do not email any orders for coins, use the ordering system within the VCoins store.
Please make sure you read the "Terms" page before placing an order or making any payment.

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March 2013  - NEW
Australian purchasers may contact the Wynyard Coin Centre
on (02) 9299-2047 to order items from this latest list (ONLY!).

To order any items from earlier listings visit the VCoins store, and place your order there.
November 2012
July 2012
Payment Options

From now on all coins are viewable on the VCoins website
(linked above), or you may click the links to open a pdf file of
the page as it appeared in the NUMI$NEWS magazine.

Some (or many) coins shown on these pdf pages may already be sold.
Please check first with the VCoins store to see what may still be available.
The website is updated as often as possible but there may still be an item
or two that has not yet been marked as sold. Go through the order process,
as the vast majority of items listed there are still available. If you happen to
order anything that has already been sold then you will be notified by email
as soon as possible, and any payment that has been sent for that item will
be refunded as a matter of course.

Note: All prices on the pdf's are in Australian dollars,
all prices on the VCoins website are in US dollars.

For Australian purchasers only: the AUD price is valid only until the issue of the next NUMI$NEWS,
which then cancels all previous listings. Any orders made by Australian purchasers through the VCoins
store will be reduced to the AUD price for the duration of the current NUMI$NEWS magazine.

Please note: As the AUD prices are set based on the current USD=AUD exchange rate, the price shown on
the pdfs will revert to the USD price shown on the VCoins site upon release of the next Numi$news magazine.

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Walter Holt's Old Money - M.R.Roberts
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Walter Holt's Old Money - Wynyard Coins Address

Wynyard Coins Online Group - NEW!
Become a member - Request a free copy of NUM$NEWS

Please do NOT email or call me for this, call them (above)!


For enquiries about modern coins ONLY
contact the Wynyard Coin Centre at the
above address and telephone number.

ie: DO NOT contact them about anything within these pages, nor
anything at my VCoins site, they ONLY deal in modern coins, etc.
They do not have email, so please DO NOT email me about
anything modern. I cannot help you with Proof sets, nor any kind
of Pre-decimal items, ONLY Ancients!

Please DO NOT contact W.H.O.M. about modern coins - I know
virtually nothing about any coins from a time after about 1600 A.D.

In other words, if you have a 1915 Sovereign or a 1952 Australian
Penny then please DO NOT call me - it is not ancient,
I know nothing about them, and I really cannot help you.
Basically, if it isn't well over around two thousand years old,
I simply may not be able to help you. Thanks for understanding!

All coins and other items are listed on the VCoins site.
A pdf of the Numi$news page, as it appears in the regular
NUMI$NEWS magazine issued by M. R. 'Bob' Roberts and
the Wynyard Coin Centre may be viewed by clicking the above links.
If you do not have a pdf viewer, click the Adobe link for a free download.

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No part of this site may be reproduced in any way, electronically or otherwise, in part or in whole,
without the prior, express, written permission of Walter C. Holt, Sydney, Australia.

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